Hotel development

Both Merwebhotel and Merweb Grand properties coexist within the Merweb portfolio, however they cater to clearly different audience demographics and provide distinctly different guest experiences offering.

A clear development strategy based on key principles of each sub-brand has been put in place by having identifying strategic market niches that would deliver long-term growth and significant bottom line profits to the Merweb brand and in addition, help develop an asset of significant value.

Without doubt, the market is waiting for a new genre of business hospitality, one that sets new benchmarks and challenges accepted industry norms.

Under Katara Hospitality Company's guidance, Merweb understands the importance of providing well-structured support to its businesses to enable cost effective development. Merweb intends to continue developing quality businesses that compete fully in the modern market place while reflecting the rich cultural heritage of the Arab world that forms the bedrock to our success.

Our Development team brings together all the skills necessary to plan and guarantee the ultimate experience for residents, visitors, partners and customers.

List of upcoming openings in Doha, Qatar:

Merwebhotel City Center Doha 2013
Merwebhotel Foxhills Doha 2016 / 2017


Merweb Head Office
C Ring Road,
Katara Hospitality Building
PO Box 2977, Doha
State of Qatar
T +974 4423 7802
F +974 4427 0477
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