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The Merweb brand is a Qatari born and grown concept intimately related to the history of the country. The ancient Merweb fort that once provided shelter for traders and seafarers has now developed into a modern hotel concept that caters to modern business travelers - a metamorphosis of Arabic hospitality heritage enhanced through technological innovation.

Merweb is based on a built for purpose chain of four star properties, providing service offers to business travelers wrapped within brand packages called Merwebhotel and Merweb Grand.

Merwebhotel Grand| it's personal to you

Marketed under the banner "it's personal to you", Merweb Grand recognises that each and every guest is an individual, with personal needs, objectives and priorities. Merweb Grand promises to respond accordingly to each, with grace, courtesy and efficiency. A Merweb Grand associate knows your time is precious and will help you make the most of it. Typically, each Merweb Grand property has a unique sense of place and style, distinctive, whilst fit for purpose and provides a wider range of facilities and amenities than a Merwebhotel. They feature beautifully designed and appointed interiors, exceptional high quality leisure amenities, and an impeccable service culture combined to create an engaging ambience. Whilst each hotel is distinctly different, the quality of the service provided and the mix of amenities have a single common denominator - to provide each guest with the same consistently high personalised experience when you visit any Merweb Grand hotel destinations.


Merweb Head Office
C Ring Road,
Katara Hospitality Building
PO Box 2977, Doha
State of Qatar
T +974 4423 7802
F +974 4427 0477
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